About CGM
        Chang Gung Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (CGM) is a business expansion of Chang Gung Medical Foundation as well as a relative enterprise to Formosa Plastics Group. In 2009, CGM Started expanding from high-end hospital equipments into the field of Medical Imaging and Physiological Monitoring System.

        Therefore, nowadays CGM has been specializing in hospital equipments, such as Hospital Beds, Stretchers, Pediatric Beds, E-carts, Medication Carts, Ward Furniture and etc.. Also CGM product lines have been stretching into medical diagnostic and monitoring devices, such as Doppler Ultrasound System, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitor, POCT Blood Glucose Monitoring system, Dental Implant and so on.

        With our group of well-established enterprise resources and medical background, it leads CGM to an outstanding and responsible manufacturer as well as a service provider. Today, in order to meet different health care needs, CGM holds Chang Gung spirit of contribution to society and aims to provide the best quality medical equipments and instruments to domestic and international hospitals, "Discover our excellent products. Put your trust in the care we provide." and which is also our commitment to CGM's customers worldwide.